10+ things to definitely avoid in your job application

I used to be amazed by the fact that selection rate at big MNCs is 2-3% of the applications received and at some places with robust recruitment processes, it is less than 1%. That is to say, for every hundred people who apply for a position, only one might be hired. But my recruitment experience in the past year and half taught me that 85-90% of the applications can be rejected in less than 5 seconds. The remaining 10-15% take about 1 minute each to be screened, leaving me with the final 5 percent of the applications. These are the five percent that go through the next steps of the recruitment process and demand some time from the recruitment team. It is very rare to have an experience where I have more people that I really really want to hire than the number of openings we have. This tells us that having a 2-3% selection rate is not a difficult feat. So, what are the things that get an application rejected in less than 5 seconds?? Spelling and Basic Grammatical Errors: Spelling and basic grammatical errors in the age of auto-correct is a strict NO! Sometimes, I receive mails without… Read More »

Impact Story 2 – Impact of alumni engagement in a rural school

Here goes our Impact Story 2! The Alumni Association of Kalvabugga AP Residential School (AAKARSH) had its humble beginning in 2014. It started with 10 alumni who wanted to give back to their school. AP Residential School is a rural government school located in Kalvabugga village of Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh. When an alumnus of the school, Mr. Dasanna Mareddy approached us to build their alumni network, we were more than happy to do that free of cost. With the help of the network powered by Vaave, the number of active members in the association grew to 500 in a very short span of time. With the intent to give back to the school that nurtured them, the alumni association actively engaged its members on the network in development activities like renovating school infrastructure, mentoring and supporting graduating students and providing scholarships. During the past two years, more than Rs. 10 Lakhs have been mobilized by alumni for making this village school a better learning space. Rs. 1.5 Lakhs have been spent on providing benches for the school. Saraswati Kuteer has been established with Rs. 1 Lakh. Basic fittings like lights, fans, windows and doors were renovated with Rs. 1… Read More »