I used to be amazed by the fact that selection rate at big MNCs is 2-3% of the applications received and at some places with robust recruitment processes, it is less than 1%. That is to say, for every hundred people who apply for a position, only one might be hired. But my recruitment experience in the past year and half taught me that 85-90% of the applications can be rejected in less than 5 seconds. The remaining 10-15% take about 1 minute each to be screened, leaving me with the final 5 percent of the applications. These are the five percent that go through the next steps of the recruitment process and demand some time from the recruitment team. It is very rare to have an experience where I have more people that I really really want to hire than the number of openings we have. This tells us that having a 2-3% selection rate is not a difficult feat. So, what are the things that get an application rejected in less than 5 seconds?? Spelling and Basic Grammatical Errors: Spelling and basic grammatical errors in the age of auto-correct is a strict NO! Sometimes, I receive mails without… Read More »