10+ things to definitely avoid in your job application

I used to be amazed by the fact that selection rate at big MNCs is 2-3% of the applications received and at some places with robust recruitment processes, it is less than 1%. That is to say, for every hundred people who apply for a position, only one might be hired. But my recruitment experience in the past year and half taught me that 85-90% of the applications can be rejected in less than 5 seconds. The remaining 10-15% take about 1 minute each to be screened, leaving me with the final 5 percent of the applications. These are the five percent that go through the next steps of the recruitment process and demand some time from the recruitment team. It is very rare to have an experience where I have more people that I really really want to hire than the number of openings we have. This tells us that having a 2-3% selection rate is not a difficult feat. So, what are the things that get an application rejected in less than 5 seconds?? Spelling and Basic Grammatical Errors: Spelling and basic grammatical errors in the age of auto-correct is a strict NO! Sometimes, I receive mails without… Read More »

Alumni Involvement in decision making is the way ahead

In February 2014, The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee addressed the Conference of Vice Chancellors of Central Universities (CUs) at Rashtrapati Bhavan. In this conference the president advised MHRD, UGC and the CUs to sit together and take action to improve the governance system and structures. He also requested them to engage their alumni in the governance of Universities. He further called upon the MHRD and CUs to prepare a data-base of alumni who can be involved in the governance of CUs. In September 2014, HRD Minister Smriti Irani‘s two-day meet with Vice-Chancellors of 39 central universities was focused on bringing greater professionalism in the management of these universities including outlining the role of alumni in their development and management. The HRD ministry felt the need to stress on a strong alumni network for central universities after observing their benefits in the IITs and IIMs. Therefore, the meet discussed ways to strengthen alumni networks, institutionalise a structure for it and create an exhaustive database of them. Since then every Conference of Vice Chancellors of Central Universities included Alumni Involvement as a part of the agenda. While some universities took steps to involve alumni in decision making, some are still finding ways… Read More »

Vaave featured in Andhrajyothy

We have been featured in Andhrajyothy (A Telugu Daily) on 4 October 2016. Here is the article! Here is the link to the e-article: అపూర్వ బంధాల వారధి More awesome updates coming soon! Stay tuned!

Intern Speak – Gattu Suryateja

We loved having you with us over the summer, Gattu! You have been an awesome intern and we wish you all the very best for everything you choose to do! We wish that life showers you with tons of opportunities to go around the world with your camera! And we look forward to seeing you soon again! Here’s sending you tons of love. – Team Vaave

Vaave goes International!

While our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, set foot in Africa to forge partnerships on food security, terrorism and Make in India; Vaave set foot in Africa to forge partnerships that will transform Africa’s education system. Vaave recently went international by launching the leadership network of ‘Global E-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI)’ run by United Nations ICT Task Force in Kenya. GESCI‘s leadership network connects ICT ministers of several African Countries and other partners of GESCI’s outreach in Africa. The objective of the initiative is to create a sustainable and impactful network of knowledge society related sectors’ decision makers, government and public sector officials and experts, and practitioners and researchers in order to facilitate and stimulate the collective and distributed leadership capacities of African countries and strengthen their capacity to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are very happy to announce the launch of our first international network and very proud that this network will play an instrumental role in promoting IT education in Africa. Keep watching this space for more exciting updates on the places we go!

Vaave featured on ETV (Yuva)

We were featured on ETV (Yuva) yesterday. For those who missed the telecast, here is the complete video of the feature. This is the first time Vaave is being covered on mainstream TV. Watch the video and keep showering us with your love !!