Saat Saal Baad!!

Jan 2017 would mark 8 years of me out of college and about 7 years of following the dream full-time – wanting to connect every institution in the world back to their alumni! That’s Awesome!! can be the first reaction. But wait! Is it really? People these days are building startups, raising funding and going places within 2-3 years! “What the hell are you doing?” my best friend taunted me. The question put me in deep thought. As I discovered the connecting dots, I thought it would be good to share them: The journey has been tough, some ups and many downs, but I enjoyed all along the way! When I started, I knew it’s not gonna be easy and I was prepared for a long haul. Though I had ideas, I did not have a plan. After spending close to 8 months exploring various thoughts, I decided to work full-time on the idea of Vaave. We started Coherendz in the extra passage space at the guest house of BHUMI (an NGO we volunteered for). The trade off was to manage it for being allowed to use a part of it as our office. We invested the profits from our… Read More »

5 years of seagull in me!!

yes the same seagull in the book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach that inspires all of us It’s been little more than 5 years since I moved out of college to choose entrepreneurship over placement @ NITIE. I came back to Hyderabad in Jan 2009 with the “Guru” style thought “mai biginess karunga”. Though there were many ideas shortlisted to work on and a little prize money from b-plan competitions, I had no plan laid out. Coherendz was started while in campus and had completed more than 15 projects by then. The idea of alumni portals existed back then, but I wasn’t very particular about choosing a sector. I knew, whatever I work on would be a first step that would prepare me for a long haul, so I started! After 6 months of experimenting with various ideas and decided to pursue building our product – vaave, we setup our fulltime office in November 2009. The first 10 months were so good that made me sometimes wonder why people said: “entrepreneurship is tough”, everything looked smooth as a cakewalk… later realized, it was all beginners luck.  Within one year of full-time, the first team I built collapsed, almost everyone I started… Read More »