[Member Diaries] I believe I am at the right place at the right time! – Jayanth Ram KV

Here is what our Rubik’s Cube Maestro, Jayanth has to say about his experience at Vaave. “It’s quite good time of 3.4 years with Vaave. I was looking for a job after my graduation. At this point one thought occupied most of my mind – I should work with a start-up (I didn’t know the word start-up at that point though ) building a product rather than in an MNC in the services domain. I felt that in an MNC scope for my learning would be less. Time passed and I was still waiting for the right job. I was getting desperate. It was then that I luckily got introduced to Vaave by a mutual friend, Saikiran Gunda. It has been an awesome experience working with Vaave. My team at Vaave (Paresh, Ramu, Ravi, Saddam) helped me learn a lot of things in a short span of time. I believe this is the best growth I could have had professionally. I am not sure if I would have learnt a little more or little less if I was in a different company but I feel I am at the right place at the right time. Personally as well, I got good support… Read More »

Sublime text the mighty tool for the Web Devs


  If you are a Web Designer/Developer you probably might have tried out most of the Text Editors out there. Some of them are mediocre, some pretty, some nifty and some packed with features but there are some which get you awestruck. So today I am going to brag about an awesome text editor “The Sublime Text”, I want to share my experiences, my work flow and how it has changed my web-development. For Web Developers the text editor is the most important tool for the job as we will be staring at and punching code on it almost all day, So the editor needs to be light on the eyes, fast, adaptive, responsive and filled with features that will greatly simplify the work and save time, I have used a variety of editors and I personally never preferred using IDEs as I felt them to be much cluttered and they hog my entire computer’s memory so I’ve always been the text editor guy.   Once upon a time…. So I have used a lot of text editors starting with notepad I slowly graduated and I used notepad2 for quite some time, and so far in notepad2 the only thing… Read More »